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Accountability Series

Many meander through life, uncertain of what they really want. They allow circumstances, events and other people to make choices for them. The accountability series allows participants to take destiny in their own hands and become proactive.

Topics Include:

Creative Visualization
use imagery to modify your feelings and behavior as well as mentally rehearse and accomplish your life's vision.

Power of Commitment
Act from commitment, rather than obligation and experience the power to produce the results you desire.

Sustaining Change
Do a personal inventory of where you are on your Life's Quest journey and create a plan to propel you forward.

Overcoming Tolerations
Eliminate all of those things that you put up with that drain your energy and distract you from your goals.

Intentional Living
Be fully conscious and proactive as you make decisions about how you all you will live and make use of your time. 

Empowering Beliefs
Recognize that beliefs define your experience and choose to live with a set of beliefs that empower you in living "on purpose". 

Learn techniques of mind, body, and sold to get rid of stress, so you are prepared to be your best. 

Be clear about your needs and wants and find ways to take care of them in an atmosphere of respect. 

Rewrite your script
Recognize the old, weakening scripts added to you by another and right to life script that captures your highest self. 

A Life of Joy
Rejuvenate your soul by bringing joy into your life on a daily basis.