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Date: July TBD, 2016

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Date: June TBD, 2016

Duration: 2 Days

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 Skills for High-Performance Teamwork consists of modules with exercises to make the training come alive and ensure the application is used at work.  It is designed to be fun and dynamic as well as educational.

Organizations are much more wholesome and productive when their relationships are strong and people know how to work together. In a highly interactive environment, team members have fun while learning principles, make decisions and maintain a positive social environment.  

High-Performance Leadership: From Control to Empowerment - Will teach you how to be an outstanding leader within your organization. The principles and practices you learn in this program, are based on observation and research from the foremost authorities in the field of leadership.  30%


Formulating a clear and compelling strategy is among the most important work that leaders of an organization can accomplish. Some of the topics you will learn are:

  • Understand the primary questions that must be answered to establish strategic direction.
  • Clarify a vision of your organization five years in the future.
  • Identify the characteristics of your current customers and the deliverables you provide them.
  • Understand the importance of setting goals and tracking performance.
  • Learn the building blocks of goal-setting.
  • Identify your organization’s key result areas.  


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Supervisors play a key role in any organization. They handle creating a link between upper management and front-line employees and have a dramatic impact on employee performance and behavior.

In this program, your supervisors will gain an understanding of their role in the organization, acquire knowledge of the legal issues and liabilities facing supervisors, and have a desire to develop more effective supervisory skills and leadership competencies.

Date: July, TBD, 2016

Duration: 1 Day

Discounted cost: $490.00

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To increase employee engagement across the organization, and to optimize commitment and productivity.

  • Assess your own levels of engagement and discover actions you can take to enhance it.
  • Learn and practice engagement essentials: tools to help align and build team commitment.
  • Develop strategies for intentional engagement.
  • Recognize the role that respect and collaboration play in employee engagement.  30%


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Date: July TBD, 2016

​​Duration: 2 Days

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Most organizations face stiff challenges in today’s marketplace. Changing demographics, new technologies, aggressive competition, and sophisticated consumers demand that organizations change the way they do business or face extinction. You will learn to:

  • Do a comprehensive assessment of the current performance of your organization.
  • Benchmark your organization in relation to others within your community/ industry.
  • Develop a shared understanding of your greatest strengths and weaknesses.
  • Target and prioritize the top opportunities for change.
  • Develop detailed improvement plans

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